We are OPEN!

 New Guidelines

1. Eagle Eye will be sanitizing rooms and entry way after each group!

2. Only private bookings allowed until further notice (no bookings with strangers)

3. We ask if you are sick  please STAY HOME. 

4.  We will have each player sanitize/wash hands before and after each room.

5.  If you see players in the entry way we ask that you wait outside/in your cars until we are ready!

It is an exciting real-life team building activity.  Groups of up to 6 people must communicate and work together to escape the room within 60 minutes by finding clues and solving puzzles together in a fun themed environment!

You may find a container that needs a pass code to open or a lock that needs a key.  If you search hard enough you can figure out the passcodes, open all the locks, find hidden items and ultimately free yourself.

Escape rooms are great family fun for all ages!

What is an Escape Room? 



Your poor auntie Paula has been growing increasingly paranoid over recent years. Since the passing of her husband and the payout of his sizeable life insurance policy, she has suspected the entire family has been trying to steal the inheritance.  Now that she has been moved into a nursing home, she is appealing to you, her favorite relative, to enter her cabin, retrieve her personal belongings, and arrange to have them sent to her.  The inheritance is carefully hidden somewhere in Paula’s cabin, and is protected by layers of tricks and traps. If you’re clever and quick, you may be able to find this wealth that has eluded many before you.


This room has eluded many, but is definitely the easier of our three rooms. This room is going to be better for groups with younger participants as there is puzzles that they will enjoy helping with!



Black and white.
The fact is that opposing forces actually complement each other.
Life, relationships, everything that happens is never black and white.
Only together will you be able to escape this room.
Are you ready for Yin and Yang?


This room will require more complex thinking! Come try this brain blaster and see if you and your crew can escape in time! 



America has been invaded and systems are DOWN.  Everyone is looting, gathering supplies, and trying to reach safety  You have received something in the mail from your good ole Uncle John, a long time doomsday prepper.  Uncle John has a shelter in the woods somewhere near the Crow River and he has already headed there.  You must find the list of supplies that he left in his shed.  If you can gather those supplies, it will be enough to get you to the shelter where you can join him.  He hid the supplies from looters, so you need to solve the puzzles to find them all! 


Up for the challenge??? This is our hardest room, but we think you can handle it!


Can you escape in time?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking to ensure we get you started on time.
We are dog friendly!  Yes that means bring your pup with! We have you sign a separate waiver to ensure no damages occur!  Let us know ahead of time by text or email if your furry friend will be joining you!
Just a few pictures of our pups you may or may not see at the escape room! 

Primary - (763) 777.9320

Secondary - (763)614.0376

Give us a call for same

day bookings!!!

Our address is: 

113 Bridge Avenue E

Delano MN 55328